fur|ther1 W1S1 [ˈfə:ðə US ˈfə:rðər] adv
2 take something further
5¦(in addition)¦
6 further to something
7 nothing could be further from the truth
8 nothing could be/is further from somebody's mind/thoughts
9 something must not go any further
[: Old English; Origin: furthor; related to forth]
1.) ¦(MORE)¦
more, or to a greater degree
A spokesman declined to comment until the evidence could be studied further.
The flavour of the wine is further improved during the aging period.
Whaling in Australia was stopped. But the Australian government went further (=said or did something more extreme) and proposed a global ban.
further into/away etc
Marcus sank further and further into debt.
2.) take sth further
to take action at a more serious or higher level, especially in order to get the result you want
The police do not propose to take the matter further .
take sth a stage/step further
Critics want the government to take this one stage further and ban the film altogether.
3.) ¦(DISTANCE)¦ also farther
a greater distance, or beyond a particular place
They walked a little further.
further up/away/along etc
His farm is located further away from Riobamba than his brother's.
His hands moved further down her back.
They've never been further south than San Diego.
4.) ¦(TIME)¦
into the past or the future
further back/on/ahead etc
Five years further on, a cure has still not been found.
The records don't go any further back than 1960.
It might be a sign, much further down the road (=in the future) , of a change in policy.
5.) ¦(IN ADDITION)¦ [sentence adverb] formal
used to introduce something additional that you want to talk about
Butter sales have fallen because margarine has improved in flavor. Further, butter consumption has decreased because of links to heart disease.
6.) further to sth
written formal used in letters to mention a previous letter, conversation etc about the same matter
Further to your letter of February 5th, we can confirm your order.
7.) nothing could be further from the truth
used when you want to say that something is completely untrue
People often described him as a bitter academic, but nothing could be further from the truth.
8.) nothing could be/is further from sb's mind/thoughts
used to emphasize that someone is not thinking about or intending something
9.) sth must not go any further
used to say that something you are telling someone is secret or private
further 2
further2 adj [only before noun]
1.) more or additional
Are there any further questions?
We have decided to take no further action .
further details/information etc
Visit our website for further details.
a further 10 miles/5 minutes etc
Cook gently for a further 10 minutes.
2.) until further notice
until you are told that something has changed
Lacunza ordered the suspension of the elections until further notice.
further 3
further3 v [T]
to help something progress or be successful
He dedicated his life to furthering the cause of world peace.
Alan had been using her to further his career .

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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